Devotional for Wednesday August 15th

Good Morning Everyone,


Our theme for this month: “Changing the tone of the conversation”


Our Bible verse for today: “Still, the Lord warned Israel and Judah through every prophet and every seer, saying, ‘Turn from your evil ways and keep my commands and statutes according to the whole law I commanded your ancestors and sent to you through my servants the prophets.’ But they would not listen.” 2 Kings 17:13-14 (CSB)


Our thought for today: “It is our job to speak the truth.”


2 kings 17:13-14 is part of a longer passage which is sub-titled by the Bible translators “Why Israel Fell”. In that passage we read that the nation sinned; God sent them prophets to speak words of warning; but the people would not listen. So God punished them and the nation fell.


The other night my youngest son and I were discussing my new book, “Getting Along without Going Along: Biblical Sexual Ethics in an Age of Controversy and Conflict” (available at He pointed out that in all of history no great nation has ever remained great. At some point every great nation has fallen. Most of them ceased to exist altogether, like Babylonia and Rome. But even those that have continued to exist, like Egypt and England, they’re just a shadow of their former great selves. In virtually every case those great nations fell because they decayed from within. They abandoned the principles and moral standards that made them great to begin with, and then their moral decadence became like a cancer which ate away at the foundations of their society. After that it was an easy thing for other nations to conquer them.


My son observed that that’s what’s happening in the USA. We’re progressively abandoning our foundational principles of morality and decency. It’s getting so bad that it’s become fashionable to even disrespect our national symbols like the flag and the national anthem, and to scorn our foundational Biblical principles. Unless this trend is reversed it will be the beginning of the end of America’s greatness. Sexual immorality is one of the issues destroying us as a nation and it’s exactly why I wrote my book – to help Christians to have clear, concise, well-reasoned words to speak on the subject of sexual ethics in our day.


In the case of ancient Israel, the Lord repeatedly sent prophets with words of caution and warning, but the people refused to listen. That might be the case in the USA as well. But just as in ancient Israel, the words of caution and warning must be spoken. As was noted in yesterday’s devotional, if we don’t say it, they won’t hear it. But if the truth is spoken, people will at least hear it, and some will respond.


As the people of God it’s our job to speak the truth, whether the nation wants to hear it or not, and whether they respond to it or not.


God Bless,

Pastor Jim

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