Devotional for Saturday and Sunday September 29-30

Good Morning Everyone,

Our theme for this month: “Personal Responsibility”

Our Bible verse for today: “But from eternity to eternity the Lord’s faithful love is toward those who fear him, and his righteousness toward the grandchildren of those who keep his covenant, who remember to observe his precepts.” Psalm 103.17 (CSB)

Our thought for today: “You are responsible for your legacy.”

Psalm 103:17 is about legacy. It speaks of someone who loves the Lord and whose life has a strong impact on those who are close to them.

The other day I had the privilege of performing a funeral for a Christian woman who was deeply loved by many people. During the service we had a time when we invited anyone who wanted to, to stand up and share a special memory about her. Person after person spoke of her kindness and generosity. They also told stories about her great sense of humor and how much she loved to laugh (and to make others laugh). They talked about how much she enjoying cooking and eating, and cooking so others could enjoy eating too. But mostly they spoke of her warmth, her friendliness, and her ability to make everyone around her comfortable and relaxed and welcomed. And they spoke of her great love for others.

This was a woman who left a significant legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. However, her legacy is not about professional accomplishments, or financial wealth, or great worldly possessions. No, her legacy is wrapped up in the people she loved and blessed throughout her life. Her legacy consists of people not things.

In my remarks I noted that it was her strong faith in Jesus that made her the person she was. It was the Holy Spirit working in her life who molded and shaped her into the kind, generous, warm, and loving person that she had been. And those are the things she will be remembered for. That will be her legacy.

Many years ago I saw a sign in front of a church which caused me to laugh out loud, but which I have also remembered and used on our own church sign numerous times over the years. It read, “Live in such a way that the preacher won’t have to lie at your funeral.”

Yes please. I appreciate it when people don’t make me stretch for nice things to say about them at their funeral.

You are responsible for your legacy. Live in such a way now that people will have lots of nice things to say about you later.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim

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