Devotional for Wednesday October 31st

Good Morning Everyone,


Our theme for this month: “Telling the truth”


Our Bible verse for today: “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations.” Psalm 145:13 (NIV)


Our thought for today: “Don’t believe the lies about the demise of Christianity”


It has become popular today in some circles to talk about the diminishing influence of Christianity and to forecast the demise of the Christian faith. Christians and non-Christians alike point to decreasing church attendance, an increase in the number of young people who don’t identify with any organized faith system, and the steady drift into secularism in our society – all as proof that Christianity is dying.


Well, don’t you believe it. Christianity is alive and well and thriving. There are more professing Christians in the world today than at any previous time in history (2.4 billion – almost 1/3 of the entire world’s population – more than any other religion). There are also more Bibles being printed and distributed today than at any previous time in history (over 400 million annually).


It might appear to us in the West that Christianity is dying, but that’s only because it is declining in numbers and influence here in our part of the world. While that is true, at the same time it is also true that there has been a major demographic shift in recent generations, and Christianity is now much more dominant almost everywhere else in the world. In his book “Strength for the Weary”, author Derek Thomas cites the work of Christian historian Mark Noll who offers these insights:


  • Today Christianity is more common in Africa than in Europe.
  • The number of Christians in China is quickly approaching the number in the USA.
  • More people go to church in Kenya than in Canada.
  • More people go to church in Nagaland than in Norway.
  • Brazil sends out more international missionaries than Great Britain or Canada.
  • More people attend church each Sunday in China than in all of Europe combined.


Don’t believe the lies about the death of Christianity. Psalm 145:13 is just one of many passages from both the Old and New Testaments that assure us that God’s kingdom is an everlasting kingdom that will endure and thrive throughout all generations.


I encourage you to tell people the truth about our faith – and the truth is that although our own nation continues to drift away from Christianity, the rest of the world is more than making up for it. The Christian faith is alive and well, thriving and growing all around the rest of the world – and that will continue to be true until the day Jesus returns.


God Bless,

Pastor Jim

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