Devotional for Monday January 14th

Good Morning Everyone,


Our theme for this month: “Take care of your body”


Our Bible verse for today: “There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven …” Ecclesiastes 3:1 (CSB)


Our thought for today: “Human beings thrive on balance and consistency”


I’m sure you’re familiar with the old truism about human nature which declares that humans are “creatures of habit”. It’s true. We naturally tend to develop patterns of living that we fall into and which we then stick with. We create comfort zones of habits, activities, and surroundings, and then we stick with them because, well, because they are comfortable. It’s what we know and like. We truly are creatures of habit.


This tendency to develop patterns of living and to then stick with them is part of how God designed us. Humans do best with balance and consistency. We don’t do as well when we are living at the extremes, or when our lives are hectic, chaotic, and unplanned.


This is why it’s so important for us to achieve good balance and stability and consistency in all the main areas of our lives including spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance. We really do need to develop and maintain good habits in all of those areas because as has already been noted previously in this series, each of us is a complex being that consists of a physical body, a spirit, a mind, and emotions; all are interconnected and all of them impact the others. Therefore if one is unhealthy or out of balance it has a negative impact on the other vital areas of our person.


Balance and consistency in all of these vital areas is the key to good health and full living. Therefore for the rest of this week we will think about some of the areas in which we need to achieve a better balance in life. We will consider some of the most common demands in life that cause us to get out of balance, and we will talk about some ways to achieve better balance.


In Ecclesiastes 3:1 King Solomon reminded us that in life there is a season – a right time and a right way – for everything. That really is a matter of balance, consistency, and stability and it is what we need. We’ll talk more about this in the days to come.


God Bless,

Pastor Jim

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