Devotional for Monday July 1st

Good Morning Everyone,

Our theme for this month: “The Gift of Being Yourself”

Our Bible verse for today: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made …” Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

Our thought for today: “Just relax and be yourself.”

During the summers at our church many of us wear Hawaiian shirts on Sunday mornings. I preach in one. But the rest of the year I like to wear suits. On most Sundays I’m the only one in a suit. Some people consider a preacher in a suit to be old fashioned. Now-a-days hipster preachers wear sport coats, jeans, and tee shirts. But I’m not a hipster and I don’t try to be.  I enjoy dressing up, and so I do. I also wear loud ties. Some of them are big fat ties that haven’t been in style for thirty years. I don’t care. Leave me alone.

I wear a tie chain too because it holds my tie to my shirt. I don’t like it when my tie flops around. I’ve been told that “Nobody wears tie chains anymore.” Well, evidently at least one person does (me).

I’ve never been a slave to fashion and I’ve discovered that as I’ve gotten older I’m paying even less attention to it. I’m much less concerned with what other people like, and much more concerned with what works for me. My two primary considerations these days are first comfort, and second, what I think looks good on me.

Not long ago I saw a guy wearing red and white plaid pants with a red polo shirt tucked in. He was also wearing a white patent leather belt and white patent leather shoes. We used to call that “The Cleveland Look”. I don’t know why. Evidently people in Cleveland used to dress that way. Maybe they still do. But on this day, in that place, nobody else was dressed like him. Maybe nobody else on the planet was dressed like him (with the possible exception of some people in Cleveland). But he didn’t seem to care. He was rockin’ the look and he was pretty happy about it. Good for him.

One of the primary psychological maladies people suffer from is poor self-image. And poor self-image is almost always caused by what we believe other people think about us. If we think other people find us attractive, we will probably feel good about ourselves. If we suspect others don’t find us attractive, we will probably not feel good about ourselves. Many of us spend way too much time feeling bad about ourselves, and mostly that’s due to what we believe other people think about us. We need to stop that.

All this month we’re going to explore “The Gift of Being Yourself.” Of course we should always be striving to improve ourselves in areas that need improvement, but we also have to learn to be comfortable in our own skin. It’s okay to just be who you are. As we are going to learn, God has given you the gift to just relax and be yourself.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim

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