Devotional for Tuesday August 6th

Good Morning Everyone,

Our theme for this month: “Creation Care”

Our Bible verse for today: “The earth is polluted by its inhabitants … Isaiah 24:5” (CSB)

Our thought for today: “There are simple things you can do.”

As we consider steps and strategies average Christians can employ to help take better care of the earth, we’re moving from the simple to the more complex. Yesterday we talked about putting your trash in a trashcan rather than throwing it on the ground. That’s easy. Today let me tell you a story about a car.

Many years ago I owned an Oldsmobile Delta 88. It was a big old tank. It had a V8 engine, a heavy steel frame, and lots of chrome and trim and fins. It was old by the time I owned it and it burned a lot of oil. At that time in our part of the country there was an initiative by some environmental group to get cars like mine off the road. They labeled such vehicles “gas guzzling gross polluters”. The group had received a large grant of money and they were offering to purchase those cars from the owners for above market value, just to get them off the roads.

I resisted. In fact, I mocked their efforts. As far as I was concerned those people were tree-hugging, Green Peace, liberal, left-wing environmental extremists and I wasn’t going to cooperate with them in any way. Not because they were wrong, they weren’t. I had to admit that my car did guzzle gas by the gallon, and it did belch smoke, spewing toxins into the air everywhere I went. And I did care about the environment, but I opposed the politics of the group promoting the idea and so I continued to drive my gas guzzling gross polluter out of spite.

I did finally get rid of that car but in retrospect, I’m not very proud of the attitude I had about it back then. I rejected an idea that was good and right, simply because I didn’t like the people proposing it.

Too many of us today do the same thing. We disagree with the politics of the environmental activists and so we automatically oppose their ideas, even if the ideas have merit and even if they could be easily implemented. I needed to get rid of that old car. In fact, I wanted to get rid of that old car – and I could easily have replaced it. But I held onto it out of stubbornness because I didn’t like the activists.

How about you? Are there some simple steps you could easily take to help take better care of the environment? Do you recycle your plastic and paper products? Do you avoid unnecessarily wasting water? Are you driving a gas guzzling gross polluter that really needs to come off the road?

Small things add up and make a difference. There are probably some simple steps you could take right now that would help to make things just a little bit better. I encourage you to do so.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim

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