Devotional for Thursday August 22nd

Good Morning Everyone,

Our theme for this month: “Creation Care”

Our Bible verse for today: “Whoever speaks the truth declares what is right, but a false witness speaks deceit … Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue, only a moment.” Proverbs 12:17;19 (CSB)

Our thought for today: “The Green New Deal is a Trojan Horse”

Do you remember the story of the Trojan Horse? It comes to us from Greek mythology. The Greeks had been in a long war with the Trojans for over ten years and it was at a stalemate. In order to win they needed to overrun the city of Troy, but the walls of the city were virtually impenetrable. So they built a huge wooden horse and wheeled it up to the gates of the city, presumably as a trophy for the Trojans for having successfully resisted the siege. The Greeks then pretended to sail away. The Trojans wheeled the horse into the city, accepting the trophy and thinking they had won the war. But hidden inside the horse was an elite group of Greek warriors. That night the warriors crept out of the horse, opened the gates of the city, and allowed the rest of the Greek army, which was hiding outside, to storm into the city and win the war.

Metaphorically the term “Trojan Horse” refers to any trick or strategy that fools someone into accepting what appears to be help from a foe, when in fact it is a trick to advance the foe’s agenda. A malicious computer program that fools you into running it, but which then allows a hacker access to your computer, is known as a Trojan Horse.

“The Green New Deal” currently being promoted by the far-left-wing of the Democratic party is a Trojan Horse. The term “New Deal” is a reference to the massive depression-era public works program implemented by President Franklin Roosevelt which was designed to pull the country out of the depression. The promoters of the Green New Deal want their program to be thought of like that. It’s being promoted as a revolutionary and inspired environmental package which will help to save our planet.

In truth it is more about socialism than it is about environmentalism. It does contain some environmental initiatives, but they are extreme and unrealistic. But also, it is packed full of socialist-themed pet projects that have little or nothing to do with the environment. It includes programs promoting universal healthcare, a universal income for everyone, a much higher minimum wage, various forms of income redistribution, and lots of other liberal goodies. It is a Trojan Horse. It plays on people’s concerns for the environment, and uses that to deceitfully slip-in large parts of the socialist economic agenda that they would never be able to get passed into law in any other manner. When confronted with this deception, the promoters of The Green New Deal make the spurious argument that those economic issues are tangentially related to the environment. But they offer no proof that they are.

It’s unfortunate that they had done this because as we have been learning this month, there are some legitimate environmental concerns that do need to be addressed. But the deception perpetrated by The Green New Deal only serves to raise suspicions and causes further distrust regarding the true motives of those on the political left.

Don’t be fooled. The Green New Deal is a modern-day Trojan Horse. It is not what its promoters pretend it is.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim

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