Devotional for Friday August 30th

Good Morning Everyone,

Our theme for this month: “Creation Care”

Our Bible verse for today: “Where were you when I established the earth? … Have you ever in your life commanded the morning or assigned the dawn its place? … Have you traveled to the sources of the sea or walked in the depths of the ocean? … Have you comprehended the extent of the earth? Job 38:4; 12; 16; 18 (CSB)

Our thought for today: “Creation is amazing beyond our understanding”

The concluding chapters of the book of Job are by far the most powerful chapters in the book. For four chapters (38-41), 129 verses, God lists for Job mysteries about creation the neither Job nor we have any control over nor can even begin to understand. How God determined the dimensions of the earth, the boundaries of the seas, or the placement of the stars in the sky; the inherent natures of a lion on the hunt, a raven in search of food, a deer giving birth, or a wild donkey running free; the strength of a horse, the leap of a locust, the flight of a bird, or the majesty of “Behemoth” (dinosaur?) On and on it goes as God recites realities of nature that were created at His good pleasure, and which mankind has little understanding of and even less control over. It’s all a divine mystery.

In my many years of traveling around this amazing planet I’ve had the privilege to see some incredible sights like the majesty of the open ocean extending endlessly in all directions; the Northern Lights in the Artic Circle; the Grand Canyon; a huge iceberg off the coast of Alaska; flocks of colorful macaws in the skies above the Amazon Jungle; and much more. Then I realize that God sees all of that, and so much more, in a single glance, all at the same time, always.

God’s creation is indeed magnificent. We need to spend more time enjoying and appreciating it.

Throughout this month we’ve considering many difficult aspects of the creation care issues of our day – beginning with the problem of perception and the political biases that distort it. We’ve also considered common sense solutions that will help us to make good use of the resources God has provided us with, while at the same time being good stewards who don’t waste resources and who don’t create more pollution than we should. We’ve thought about things like the use of fossil fuels, the blessings and problems of plastics, alternative energy sources, emissions controls, and new technologies. We’ve also addressed hot button issues like climate change and the Green New Deal. All of that has been covered, and therefore I’ve chosen to end the month by focusing on the creation itself and what a beautiful, amazing, and enjoyable gift it is to us from our heavenly Father.

I encourage you to marvel at God’s creation, appreciate it, enjoy it, and please, take care of it.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim

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