Devotional for Tuesday November 19th

Good Morning Everyone,

Our theme for this month: “Character and Integrity”

Our Bible verse for today: “Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2 (CSB)

Our thought for today: “No, everybody is not doing it.”

We live in an age of relativism. Many people in our society believe there are no objective standards of truth and everyone should be free to do as they please. “If it feels good, do it!” is a motto many people live by. More and more we’re being led to believe that old standards of morality and ethics are archaic – throwbacks to a different age – and should therefore no longer be applied in our modern times.

The more people who adopt that philosophy, the more acceptable and reasonable it seems. This is what we call “group-think”. The more people who accept a notion as being logical, reasonable, and good, the more it takes on the appearance of being logical, reasonable, and good.

This is how we ended up with things like no-fault divorce, abortion on demand, and same-sex marriage, all being legal and perfectly acceptable. This slow degradation of values, and the group-think that goes with it, is also slowly and progressively leading to an increasing acceptance of pedophilia (having sex with children); euthanasia (involuntarily ending the lives of sick and old people); and genetic engineering (custom-designing your baby in the test tube). The thinking that helps to justify this horrifying drift in morals and ethics is, “Everybody thinks this way” or “Everybody is doing it”.

Well, I’m here to tell you this morning that “No, everybody is not doing it”, and “No, everybody is not thinking that way.” There are still plenty of us who rely on the Word of God for our objective standard of truth in all things. It is the Bible that has the final say about what is right and what is wrong, what is moral or immoral, ethical or unethical.

In Romans 12:2 the Apostle Paul urges the people of God to courageously resist and stand strong against the pressures to just go along with cultural thinking. Instead he calls us to allow the Holy Spirit to inform our thinking and to guide our decision-making. The Spirit does that primary through the written Word.

Christian men and women of character and integrity refuse to be carried along with the cultural tide, and we do not allow the culture to determine our thinking for us. Our standard is the Bible, and everything else gets measured against what God has said there. We’ll think more about this tomorrow.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim

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