Devotional for Thursday November 21st

Good Morning Everyone,

Our theme for this month: “Character and Integrity”

Our Bible verse for today: “I have chosen the way of truth; I have set your ordinances before me. I cling to your decrees; Lord, do not put me to shame. I pursue your commands, for you broaden my understanding.” Psalm 119:30-32 (CSB)

Our thought for today: “Live with a Biblical worldview”

Continuing with our discussion from yesterday, having a “Biblical worldview” simply means that we view the world through the lens of the Bible. We compare everything we see and hear to what God says in the Bible. Then the truth of any claim, the rightness of any action, is determined by how it lines-up with the Word of God. We then base our beliefs, decisions, and actions on Biblical principles rather than on cultural trends. We refuse to give-in to the pressure from those around us, and we don’t allow ourselves to get caught-up in the “group-think” mentality that causes people to go-along just because everyone else thinks this way.

As a Pastor, one of the issues I sometimes have to help people deal with is problems in their marriage, and whether or not divorce is an option for them. Every marriage struggles at one time or another, that’s normal. However, the marriage vow includes the words “until death do we part”. That means that before God and before the witnesses, we commit ourselves to stick with our marriage no matter what trials and tribulations we face – sickness or health, prosperity or poverty, good times or bad.

Sadly, in our society, where no-fault divorce is now common and even promoted, a marriage is easy to end; and culturally, divorce for any reason is readily accepted. So when Christian couples find themselves struggling in their marriage, the advice they often receive from friends and family leads them to consider ending the marriage. “Just end this marriage and try again with someone else. Maybe you’ll have better luck next time.”

But for Christians this shouldn’t even be a question. In the Bible God says that He hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). The only allowance for divorce given to Christians in the New Testament is found in Matthew 19:9. There Jesus said that if your spouse commits adultery then you can divorce him or her. But even then, divorce is not compulsory. You can still choose to forgive and to at least attempt reconciliation.

Divorce is just one example of a contemporary issue that is easily decided on by a Bible-believing Christian who is committed to living with a Biblical worldview. But sticking with your marriage rather than divorcing is a decision that runs counter to what the culture encourages. Therefore the question for the Christian becomes, “Will I allow myself to be guided and influenced by the culture, or by the Word of God?”

Regardless of the issue you’re dealing with, I encourage you to choose to live out of a Biblical worldview. Choose God over the culture.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim

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