Devotional for Tuesday December 10th

Good Morning Everyone,

Our theme for this month: “A New Year, a New Beginning”

Our Bible verse for today: “God also said, ‘Look, I have given you every seed-bearing plant on the surface of the entire earth and every tree whose fruit contains seed. This will be food for you …” Genesis 1:29 (CSB)

Our thought for today: “Avoid the bad food”

Good nutrition is two-thirds of the health and fitness equation. Exercise is the other third. If you have a good diet you will maintain a healthy body weight and your blood chemistry numbers will probably be within the proper parameters. Exercise then, will help burn additional calories, it will improve cardiovascular function, and it will strengthen muscles and improve muscle tone. But having a good diet is the most important factor when it comes to getting and staying healthy.

The fast and simple rule of thumb for having a good diet is “Just eat moderate amounts of reasonably healthy food.” That’s it. Just eat foods that are good for you, and in the proper proportions. Simple, right? No. Not so simple. Since we have to contend with the conditioning and chemistry issues that we thought about in the previous two devotionals, maintaining a good diet is not easy or simple. We need help.

I have already noted in a previous devotional in this series that prepackaged meals like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers can provide a helpful kick-start to getting us back on track with respect to good eating habits. They provide complete nutritious meals in the right proportions. It’s easy and it takes all the guesswork out of it, and you don’t have to stay on those diets long-term. You can use them for a shorter period simply to get the weight off and to reestablish proper eating habits, then you can transition to one of the other eating guides I will list below.

“The Daniel Plan” by Rick Warren is instructive and helpful. For me personally, the most insightful lesson taught in that book is that the closer our food is to its natural state, the better it is for us. The more a factory has been involved in the production and processing of that food, the more additives and artificial ingredients it will include and therefore the unhealthier it is likely to be. That’s true whether we’re talking about fruit, vegetables, meat, and certainly, sweets.

The “P90X Nutrition Guide”, available from, is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow. “Body by God’, by Dr. Ben Lerner is good too.

“Simple Ideas for Healthy Living”, published by Gospel Light, is a neat little book with lots of practical suggestions. Did you know that if you drink an eight-ounce glass of water 15 minutes before your meal it will have the effect of decreasing your appetite and you will therefore eat less? Try it!

Often, especially early-on as we’re trying to correct our eating habits, we need a little help to take the edge off of our appetite. Many people have found a natural appetite suppressant known as “Green Coffee Bean Extract” to be helpful. Of all the appetite suppressants on the market today, this one seems to offer the greatest help with the fewest side-effects. You can Google it to learn more.

Your body is a gift to you from God. We have a stewardship responsibility to take good care of our bodies, and good nutrition is perhaps the most important factor to being healthy. I encourage all of us (me included), to resolve to eat better in 2020.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim

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