Devotional for Saturday and Sunday July 11-12

Good Morning Everyone,
Our theme for this month: “Fresh wind, fresh fire”
Our Bible verse for today: “He said to them, ‘Come away by yourselves to a remote place and rest for a while.’” Mark 6:31 (CSB)
Our thought for today: “Come apart and rest, or you might just come apart.”
In Mark 6:31 we read of a time when Jesus and His disciples had been engaged in an extended time of intense ministry activities. Large crowds of people were milling around, others were coming and going, many needs were being met, and there was no sign that things were going to let-up for them. Finally, Jesus called a halt to it all and told His friends that it was time for a break, they were going off to a remote place to get some rest. The verse says that He invited them to “Come away …” The King James version translates the invitation as “Come apart …” I like that better only because it lends itself to a nifty and lyrical thought for the day, “Come apart and rest, or you might just come apart.”
Sometimes we push ourselves too hard for too long. That’s why God instituted the concept of Sabbath and He made it one of the Ten Commandments. We are to do all of our work and chores in six days, but on the seventh day we are to gather for worship and then rest.
This is important. We need it. We need to be together for group worship with our brothers and sisters. That’s why the New Testament instructs us not to skip the gatherings of our church family (Hebrews 10:24-25). And, we need the rest. That’s why there are still Ten Commandments instead of just nine. Observing the Sabbath day of rest is a God-given mandate that still applies to us in the New Testament Age.
Periodically we also need other, and sometimes longer, periods of rest. That’s what was happening in Mark 6:31. There’s no indication in the passage that this break of theirs was on a Sabbath day. It was an extra period of rest to compensate for the extraordinary workload they had been under. Sometimes we need those special extra times of getting away and decompressing. We also need our vacations – those extended periods each year of a week or more, when we just relax and play. I encourage you not to skip your vacation time. You need it.
When it comes to getting some fresh wind in our sails and fresh fire in our souls, we often need time apart. There’s a lot of wisdom in the old time-honored saying that sometimes we need to come apart and rest, or we might just come apart. I encourage you to get plenty of rest and relaxation during these difficult days we are living in.
God Bless,
Pastor Jim
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