Attitude and diligence make the difference

Good morning everyone,
Our theme for this month: “Personal Responsibility”
Our Bible verse for today: “But as for you, be strong; don’t give up, for your work has a reward.” 2 Chronicles 15:7 (CSB)
Our thought for today: “Attitude and diligence make the difference”
Recently a friend posted a New Year’s cartoon on Facebook which caught my attention. The scene depicted a grumpy looking man watching as his friend was on his knees in his garden planting seeds. They were evidently in a conversation about what each of them were expecting from the upcoming New Year. With a defensive tone the grumpy looking man says, “Well then, what are you expecting in the New Year?!” To which the other man replied, “I’m expecting flowers.” Mr. Grumpy relied, “Flowers? Why are you expecting flowers?” And the other man said, “Because I’m planting flowers.”
There are two important questions for us implicit in that cartoon which pertain to our approach to the New Year, “What are you expecting?” and “What are you planting?” If you’re expecting flowers, you’d better be planting flowers. In other words, we need to be preparing for and planting the seeds of the things we hope to accomplish. Many people have hopes, dreams, and aspirations; fewer people actually have specific plans for accomplishing those hopes, dreams, and aspirations. And fewer still are actually in the process of doing the things necessary to actually accomplish their goals. 
In the days to come we’ll look at specific areas in which God wants us to always be improving, and which He has revealed to us in the Bible. But before we begin that, it will be helpful to get our thinking straight about it. Having the right attitude and then being diligent in our daily efforts are the keys to success in anything.
Ask God for clarity about the areas of your life you need to be working on. Ask Him to help you develop a simple plan to address those areas. Then resolve to do your part by being diligent and faithful day-by-day. All it takes is one little step forward each day and soon you will begin to see the improvement you are seeking. Flowers don’t grow overnight they grow a little each day. Personal improvement is like that too.
Whatever goals for personal improvement the Lord leads you to set, have a positive attitude about it and then be diligent about working your plan every day.
God bless,
Pastor Jim  
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