Is social media a blessing or a curse?

Good morning everyone,
Our theme for this month: “Personal Responsibility”
Our Bible verse for today: “The whole earth was amazed and followed the beast.” Revelation 13:3 (CSB)
Our thought for today: “Is social media a blessing or a curse?”
As was noted in yesterday’s devotional, I’m ending our study of personal responsibility by sharing some highlights with you from Dr. David Jeremiah’s excellent book, “Where Do We Go from Here? How tomorrow’s prophecies foreshadow today’s problems.”
In the book David seeks to show how some of today’s most troubling events and trends could be a sign that we are rapidly approaching the End Times. In chapter two he addresses the issue of globalism and he reminds us that in the End Times, the Antichrist will have succeeded in uniting the world under a one-world government, or there will at least be a method for him to achieve worldwide influence to an astonishing degree.
So, could social media be the vehicle that allows for that? The answer of course is “yes”. Social media is perfectly suited for exactly that. So then, should we as Christians treat social media as a tool of Satan and should we avoid it altogether? To answer that question, David Jeremiah defers once again to Dr. Albert Mohler:
“The church, when it is faithful, always thinks in global terms. The world now thinks of globalization as a great economic, technological, and political fact. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ understands global mission as a command and as a mandate from the Lord. While the world may debate globalization in terms of economic and sociological effects, the church must see globalization as an unprecedented opportunity … The current generation of Christians has unprecedented opportunities to proclaim the name of Jesus in all of the world and to see people of all tribes, tongues, and nations bow the knee to the King.”
Is social media a blessing or a curse? It depends on who is using it and for what purpose. Perhaps it can be a tool in the hands of Satan. But it can also be used by the followers of Christ to spread the Good News of the Gospel further and faster than ever before. Social media, properly used, affords us a greater opportunity to reach the world for Jesus than any generation has ever had before us.
Social media simply “is”. In other words, it already exists and it is therefore a fact we have to deal with in the world we live in. So, what will we Christians do with it? How will we use it and what will we use it for?
Is social media a blessing or a curse? It depends on how you use it. So, let’s resolve to use it for good.
God bless,
Pastor Jim
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