This is your time

Good morning everyone,
Our theme for this month: “Steadfast and Immovable”
Our Bible verse for today: “For David, after serving God’s purpose in his own generation, fell asleep …” Acts 13:36 (CSB)
Our thought for today: “This is your time”
In the words Luke wrote about the life of King David in Acts 13:36, we hear echoes of the story of Esther in the Old Testament. Esther was a beautiful young Jewish woman – an orphan being raised by her uncle Mordecai. They lived as part of the captive Jewish community in the land of Persia. When the king was in need of a new queen, his aides searched the kingdom for all the most attractive young woman and had them all brought to the palace for the king to consider. Esther was one of those, and as a result she was taken into even deeper captivity, now confined to the palace and subject to the whims of the king.
Esther was chosen to be the new queen and it turned out that she was there, in that strategic position, at exactly the time one of the king’s evil counselors conceived a plot to exterminate the entire Jewish race. Mordecai sent Esther a message, recorded in Esther 4:14, that said, “Who knows, perhaps you have come to your royal position for such a time as this.”
Mordecai meant that God had Esther right where He needed her, at exactly the time He needed her to be there, for a specific and important reason. Luke meant the same thing in Acts 13:36 about David. God had David where He wanted and needed Him to be, and He kept him there until the mission was accomplished and the purpose was fulfilled.
The same is true for you. God is sovereign over your life and your circumstances. He has either intentionally placed you in your circumstances for a reason, or by means of His permissive will He has chosen to allow you to be there for a season and for a reason. Rather than complain about it, it would be much better to identify and fulfill God’s purpose for you in that place at this time.
Esther and David were steadfast and immovable in their resolve to do the things that needed to be done to achieve the thing God wanted done in that place at that time. Your mission is the same. You are where you are, so now do what needs to be done. Remember some of the synonyms for steadfast and immovable – steady, intent, undistracted, uncompromising, tenacious, resolute, and determined. Let that describe you.  
This is your place. These are your circumstances. This is your time.
God bless,
Pastor Jim  
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