Four keys for effective Bible reading

Good morning everyone,
Our theme for this month: “Writing and Reading”
Our Bible verse for today: “I rejoice in the way revealed by your decrees as much as in all riches. I will meditate on your precepts and think about your ways. I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word.” Psalm 119:14-16 (CSB)
Our thought for today: “Four keys for effective Bible study”
J.I. Packer is in heaven now, but during his lifetime he was a widely known and highly respected theologian, professor, and Christian author. I personally believe his best book was “Knowing God”. I have a copy of it on my bookshelf and have read it multiple times. It is deeply insightful and very helpful.
There’s an article by J.I. Packer in “The Every Man’s Study Bible” regarding how to read/study the Bible. Like most of the books and articles Packer wrote, this one is very helpful. Therefore, I want to summarize/paraphrase for you his four keys to reading the Bible.
 Before you open your Bible, remember you are in the presence of God. Remind yourself that God is the primary author of Scripture and that what you are seeking is the personal togetherness that you would hope for if you were opening a letter from someone you knew cared for you … then ask God to speak to you, and to make you listen as you read.All the Bible should be read, and read regularly. We should acquaint ourselves with the full landscape of Scripture and keep covering it backwards and forwards.Focus particularly on the richer books. This is quite distinct from point two. There are some books in Scripture which, as words from God to his people, have a richer vitamin content than others. The four Gospels in which you see your Lord in action are the most precious books in the world. They are the Bible books that ought to be read oftener than any others. I also think the Psalter ought to be read regularly, one or two psalms every day. The writers of the Psalms were more alive in themselves and in God than most of us are … and therefore their writings should be studied by us.Linger in the books that have a special resonance with you individually at this time in your life.    
I agree with Packer and I think his four keys to Bible study are a pretty good guide. The Bible is God’s letter to you. Read it over and over and over again.
God bless,
Pastor Jim  
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