There is great value in spiritual reading

Good morning everyone,
Our theme for this month: “Writing and Reading”
Our Bible verse for today: “When you come, be sure to bring the coat I left with Carpus in Troas. Also bring my books, and especially my papers.” 2 Timothy 4:13 (NLT)
Our thought for today: “There is great value in spiritual reading”
There’s an old truism about writing and reading that goes, “Writers are readers”. What that means is that we learn to write by reading, and the more you read the better you will write. Personally, I’ve never met a writer who didn’t also love to read.
The Apostle Paul was undeniably a great writer. He wrote two-thirds of the New Testament. And Paul was obviously also a lover of reading. We know from his personal history that he was a diligent student and a scholar, and in 2 Timothy 4:13 we learn something about his love for books. There he instructs his young protégé Timothy to gather up some of his (Paul’s) personal belongings and bring them to him in his prison cell in Rome. He specifically tells Timothy not to forget his books and papers. Older translations refer to them as scrolls and parchments. We don’t know what those books and papers or scrolls and parchments contained, but obviously it was reading material that was important to Paul and which he wanted in his possession.
There’s a discipline in the practice of the Christian faith known as “spiritual reading”. Spiritual reading is the reading of Christian literature other than the Bible but which builds on, explains, and enhances our study of the Bible, as well as our understanding of and application of Biblical principles. The most common sources of literature for spiritual reading are Christian books, articles, pamphlets, essays, and devotional messages. By reading this devotional message today you are engaging in spiritual reading.
Spiritual reading is an essential part of our growth and maturity as a Christian. The Holy Spirit uses the writing skills of others to communicate to us insights and understandings that we might not have otherwise come to grasp. Therefore, including the reading of good Christian literature as a regular part of your practice of the faith is important. Regular reading of the Bible is the most important kind of reading you can do. Reading other types of Christian literature is second to that, but still very important. We’ll think more about spiritual reading in its various forms in the days to come. In the meantime, thanks for reading this devotional message today. Now I encourage you to select a good Christian book to add to your daily reading as well.
God bless,
Pastor Jim
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