What is faith?

Good morning everyone,
Our theme for this month: “Living by faith”
Our Bible verse for today: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)
Our thought for today: “What is faith?”
What does it mean to have faith in anyone or in anything? The dictionary says that faith is “the complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” Synonyms for faith are belief, confidence, conviction, certainty, assuredness, and dependency.
The dictionary further says that when that definition is applied to God it means, “a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.” That last phrase is a crucial part of our understanding of what faith is and how it develops, “…based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.” “Spiritual apprehension” means that faith grows as we mature spiritually and as we gain a better understanding of spiritual things. As our understanding of God and His ways increases; as our personal relationship with Him deepens; and as we experience Him at work in our lives in more and more ways; our confidence in Him, our conviction and certainty about Him, and our dependance on Him continues to grow.  
In Hebrews 11:1 the Bible tells us that faith is being sure and certain of things we cannot actually experience with our physical senses. We can’t see, hear, touch, taste or smell such things, and yet we are certain of them. How can that be? How does it happen? Where does such belief come from and how do we get more of it? Does it even make sense to believe in things our senses can’t detect and for which we don’t have direct physical proof?
The answer, of course, is “yes”. The case for faith in God is very strong, and the case for living by faith is strong as well. Living by faith is the only lifestyle that makes good sense. So, all this month we will consider what it means to live by faith. We will think about what faith is, how we get more of it, and how we incorporate faith into our lives in practical ways that make a real difference.
The life of faith is an exciting adventure and I’m looking forward to exploring it with you.
God bless,
Pastor Jim
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