We become like those we associate with

Good morning everyone,
Our theme for this month: “Living by faith”

Our Bible verse for today: “The one who walks with the wise will become wise, but a companion of fools will suffer harm.” Proverbs 13:20 (CSB)
Our thought for today: “You become like those you associate with”
I was taught a very important lesson shortly after I came to faith in Christ. It happened at a men’s conference. The speaker read Proverbs 13:20 (above) and he said, “If you want to become a wise godly man, find some wise godly men you can spend time with and learn from them. Because over time we become like those we associate with.”
I had never heard that verse before but it hit me hard and I asked God to help me find some older men I could learn from and spend time with. In the years to come He brought men like Oren Teel, John Baker, and Dick DeGrow into my life, as well as some others. I also discovered that I could learn a lot and be influenced by authors whom I had never met, but who had a big impact on me through their writings. C.S. Lewis, Henry Blackaby, Philip Yancey, Eugene Peterson, and Dallas Willard all filled that role in my life.
Recently I came across a statement about this that caught my attention. It said, “Learning from others is the great talent of the truly wise.” There it is again. Wise people become wise by learning from others. That’s was Solomon’s point in Proverbs 13:20.
I don’t consider myself to be in the category of the truly wise, but I do know that I’m a better man today than I would have been had it not been for my association with and being influenced by men like Oren Teel, Dick DeGrow, Henry Blackaby, Eugene Peterson, and the others.
This same principle applies to learning to live by faith. If you want to learn to live by faith, associate with those who already know how to do it. Surround yourself with people who live by faith and soon you will find yourself living by faith too. Part of the wisdom of the wise is that they have a deep and settled faith that guides them and sustains them, and they learned how to live like that from others. None of us figures this out for ourselves.
If you walk with the wise you will become wise. If you surround yourself with those who know how to live by faith, you will soon learn how to live by faith too. We become like those we associate with.
God bless,
Pastor Jim  
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