Are you listening?

Good morning everyone,
Our theme for this month: “The end of anxiety and despair”
Our Bible verse for today: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and incomprehensible things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3 (HCSB)
Our thought for today: “Are you listening?”
One of the greatest truths in all of Scripture is that God wants to be heard by His people and He wants to be understood. That’s why He gave us the Bible. It’s also why He speaks to us through prayer, through the circumstances of life, and through other Christians. Throughout history He has also spoken through a burning bush, and out of the mouth of a donkey, and in the whirlwind of a storm, and in an infinite number of other ways. God wants to be heard and He wants to be understood.
As a case in point, as I’ve mentioned in a previous devotional in this series, every month God always gives me a theme to write about. Then throughout the month He brings to my attention passages of Scripture, examples from life, quotes from books, and numerous others sources and ideas which all apply to that theme. God has something to say about that topic and He has innumerable ways of getting His point across. Recently I became aware of John Eldredge’s new book, “Resilient: Restoring Your Weary Soul in These Turbulent Times”. I’m reading it now and with respect to our theme of learning to live without anxiety and despair, it is very rich and very helpful.
Jeremiah 33:3 is a great illustration of the truth that God wants to be heard by His people and He wants to be understood. There are hundreds of other such examples in both the Old and New Testaments (an entire body of Biblical literature that teaches this important truth).
Call to Him and then listen for the answer. But remember, God can and does speak to us in many ways and so we do have to pay attention. We have to remain aware and attentive. We must be seeking the answer and we should expect Him to answer. Going back to my example from the November 1st devotional regarding how I go about researching and writing these lessons, this is why I keep the theme for the month playing in the back of my mind and it’s why I keep a notepad handy all the time – it’s so I will be aware and ready when God brings things to my attention that pertain to the answer I need. I encourage you to try that for the answers you are seeking.
It’s always true that God will speak to you (in His time and in His way). That’s especially true when you’re battling anxiety and despair, but you must be listening for the answer. My question for you this morning is, “Are you listening?”
We’ll think more about this tomorrow.
God bless,
Pastor Jim
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One thought on “Are you listening?

  1. Yes, God wants us to listen. That is why many Jewish prayers begin with, “ Shema (listen or hear), O Israel.”

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